About us

Our Editor-in-chief is Eric Sohl, a dutch/belgian graphic designer with some south-african thrown in the mix. He loves food, photography, design and travel, all mixed up with some good spices and flavours. He’s a true foodie at heart and won’t shy away from anything to do with food and taste, in every possible way. After a solo photo exhibition on food pictures from around Europe, his appetite has become even bigger for the subject. His travels from Seattle to Tokyo makes him a regular contributor to the ‘Tasty Travel’ section but above all loves Brussels and together with FM Brussel, he reports weekly ‘on air’ about all things foodie in the capital of Europe. He’s the creative heart behind Tasting and Living, which has become the ‘Leading Foodie blog in Brussels’ since its inception (The Bulletin) and was recently voted as one of the ’10 best culinary blogs of Belgium’ (Knack Weekend and Vif L’Express).

Søren, Danish & 45 years, has lived in Belgium for almost 13 years. Did not move to Belgium for the food but it was one of the main reasons to stay. Passionate about trying new ingredients and new recipes rather than repeating dishes, Søren gladly spends hours reducing the stock, rolling the meat and baking the dessert – even if eaten in 5 minutes. Collector of cookbooks from all over the world from the Frank Sinatra Cookbook to the highly sought after “Memories of Gascogne” by legendary Pierre Koffmann and avid user of these books. Lives with Eric and two cats in a big kitchen in Schaerbeek. He will be our editor for ‘Tasty ingredient’ section but will also contribute to all other sections.

Julie is a Belgian communication expert with a strong interest in food and lifestyle around the globe. She’s always (virtually and in real life) exploring the newest and hottest places in town and she will tell you about it. That town will be mostly Brussels but she doesn’t say no to a foreign adventure once in a while. Baking runs through her veins like sugar and if you are nice to her she might bake some sweet treats for you. This pastry wizard makes cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies and other sweet delights. Check out her blog www.misspatisse.com for new products and recipes.

Klaus Bondam actor and former mayor. Since January 1st 2011, he has been the director of The Danish Cultural Institute/Benelux and he is currently living in Brussels. Klaus Bondam originally trained as computer assistant and customs officer. He first obtained recognition as an actor when he appeared in the Dogme-movie “Festen” (1998) and has since had a versatile career as an actor in movies, television (including “Krøniken” og “Langt fra Las Vegas”) and theatre. He has been the manager of two major theatres in Copenhagen and together with film director Hella Joof, he wrote the script for the comedy “Shake It All About” (2001) in which he also appeared as the priest. In 2002 he was elected to the City Council in the City of Copenhagen for the Social Liberal Party, where he 2006-2009 functioned as Mayor for the Technical and Environmental administration and in 2010 Mayor for the Employment and Integrations administration. By the end of 2010 he left politics. Klaus Bondam is married to landscape architect Jacob Kamp.

Kathryn Smith is co-founder of Ampersand House and Gallery in Brussels where she lives with a constantly evolving collection of modern and contemporary furniture, photography and sculpture.  Passionate about design in all its forms, Kathryn brings her attention to the connections between food and design for Taste and Living.   Food for Kathryn is an adventure in stimulating all the senses, the plate is a painterly canvas, the colour and form as important as the taste and smell.  A lifetime spent living in different continents, a background both academic and creative, and a fascination for the unusual, obscure and abstract inspire the stories told for the Tasty Design blog.   Read more about Kathryn’s approach to food and design in our interview: http://tastingandliving.com/category/tasty-talk/.

Ike Udechuku is a dual British-Australian citizen now based in Brussels where he is a co-founder of Ampersand House and Gallery.  By day, he specialises in curating the gallery’s collection of vintage furniture and in developing relationships with new product designers.  By night, more gourmand than gourmet, Ike enjoys food in almost every form and from almost every culinary tradition.

Like a lot of people Stina came to Brussels for work, but stayed for the food – at least she says so. Interested in many forms of cooking, especially the fusion of Belgo-Danish-Indonesian, she starts talking about her next meal before she even finishes her current. Her present work takes her round the world, but she is equally happy in a night market in Indonesia eating lesehan as she is cooking traditional Danish food for her family at home.

Simple, traditional, no-frills, old style grandmother’s cooking: that’s Giusy, an Italian who found home in Brussels and who loves food and wine –  though not necessarily Italian. Being home in  a cosmopolitan gourmets’ paradise, she never says no to gastronomic adventures and new tastes, but in her own kitchen she sticks to no-fuss everyday Italian dishes. A performer rather than a composer, Giusy is our ‘Tasty Italian’ editor where she will contribute posts about all things passionate and edible!!

Marie-Claire Quittelier, loves to share her passion for good and simple things. Marie-Claire is a passionate cook. As a child, she read recipes like others read comic strips. Her grandmother and mother, both fine cooks, taught her the joys of simple dishes and transmitted their secrets for an authentic cuisine. After a successful marketing career, this foodie decides to share her passion, know-how and culinary secrets. She organizes cooking workshops. Her natural and spontaneous approach, and love for good things are reflected in fresh and light recipes. Those recipes are geared to major distribution chains, food manufacturers and magazines. Her cookbooks received numerous awards at the famous Gourmand World Cookbook Award. Together with Debby and Tom, they form FoodID, where they create culinary projects from concept over styling and photography to design. She will be our editor for the ‘Tasty season’ section, about all things good, fresh and above all in season.

Tom Swalens, food photographer and fine gourmet
Tom discovered photography with his father. The moments he observed his father in the dark room fixing images on paper where magical. While following photography courses at the NARAFI Institute in Brussels, he worked as a student in restaurant kitchens and discovered his second passion: food! Tom has worked for advertising agencies, lifestyle and women magazines and publishing companies and made pictures for numerous cookbooks.

Debby De Mangelaere, the styling fairy
Since her childhood, Debby is absolutely taken by aesthetics. Her entry to the profession was with a magazine publishing group. This opened the door to the food pages of women magazines where she displayed her talent of composition and harmony. She specializes in food styling. Debby composes all elements of the plate as a scene using authentic materials. Her compositions are simple and natural and bring out the freshness of the food. She has done the food styling and graphics design of several cookbooks.

Anniek is een beenhouwersdochter met een uitgesproken liefde voor alles wat authentiek is. Als rasechte foodie heeft ze een leuke culinaire afwijking en is ze steeds op zoek naar het betere culinaire adres. Ze is stiekem verliefd op Brussel en houdt als geen ander van  leuke bistro’s en bruine cafés. Verder timmert ze volop  aan haar ondernemersdroom als foodwriter en marketeer.

Simon Litton

Simon Litton is a Brit who’s been living and working in Brussels for the past ten years with his Italian wife and three children. When he gets the time he loves to explore food cultures and has particularly enjoyed his gastronomic adventures in Italy, Japan, Thailand and Morocco. He loves the international and cosmopolitan Brussels restaurant scene but is also keen on searching out local specialities and hidden gems in the Belgian countryside. He will be contributing whenever he comes across a ‘must eat’ place in and around Brussels in our Tasty Review section.

International contributors living abroad

Kristina Vanni
Kristina has been following us on Twitter and now is going one step further and contributing on a regular basis to our blog. Her passion for food began at the tender age of 12 when she earned a spot in the winner’s circle at the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Since then she has gone on to win top honors from Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, and Kraft, just to name a few. Most recently she won 1st place for grilling at the National US Beef Cook-Off and the Grand Prize from the National US Pork Board. Across the USA and across the globe, Kristina shares her culinary knowledge with television audiences. She served as the food and wine correspondent to Melbourne, Australia for the CBS travel special “Aussie Week.” Kristina also hosted the Better Homes and Gardens series “100 Days of Holidays.” She can often be seen as a culinary expert and product spokesperson on morning show segments in cities across the country. Kristina was named the “Hot Chef 2009” by the National US Restaurant Association and she demonstrated her knowledge of the latest culinary trends at the annual show in Chicago. Kristina has also created her own unique brand of “culinary comedy” and performs on stage at The Comedy Store and at various comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York.

17 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello! I’m a researcher from the United States. I came across your blog while looking for food blogs related to Brussels. I’m vegetarian– no meat or fish, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind suggesting some of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Brussels. Your post on Les Filles certainly struck my interest! Thank you so much for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Bonjour,

    J’aimerais vous convier à diverses activités presses vous concernant. Pourriez-vous dès lors me communiquer vos coordonnées?

    Je vous remercie et vous souhaite une excellente journée.

    Bien à vous,
    Alexandra Finet

  3. Beste,

    is het mogelijk dat ik een email adres van u ontvang voor eventueel samenwerkingen in de toekomst?



  4. Hoy, we zijn een biologisch ecologisch kinderdagverblijf te Tielt en zijn zo blij dat we bij de trends van 2013 horen. Zin in culinaire verwennerij? Welkom! Want ook peuterfood smaakt, ruikt, ziet er heerlijk uit!! Biogroeten, Ann
    PS Je kan ons volgen op facebook Ekoala-ecologisch-biologisch-fairtrade-kinderdagverblijf

  5. Hi there Eric, I saw the article about your blog and recognised you from when we worked together at Landmarks! I am now Catherine Birkner (not Catherine Potter) and am married with two girls aged 4 and 6 so a lot has changed since then! Let me know how you are getting on!

    1. Hi Catherine! Yes of course i remember you:) and yes it’s me 🙂 i’m doing very well thanks. As you have noticed i’m knee-deep in food these days. I started the blog in 2010 and we know have about 6000 visitors a month, i’m kn the radio once a week and we’re starting up a foodie walking tour of Brussels too. And yes I do have a full time job aswell :((
      Still as a graphic designer. And what about u? A big family already!

  6. Hi Eric
    Excuse the question – I have just downloaded your yummy recipe for “Grandmothers cocoa cake”
    please tell me what a “dl” measurement as per :
    1 1/2 dl boiling water represents.
    Many thanks
    South Africa

  7. Hi Tasting & Living,
    Our agency Bebble works for tasty food clients who have regular flavour updates. Would you be interested to receive our tasty premières? If yesss, can you email us back with your contact details (postal address for test-packs + indication of preferred language (FR or NL?)
    Thank you for your swift reply!
    Ilse & Goedele

  8. Beste,

    Even voorstellen: ik ben Phaedra en ik ben productie-assistente bij Hotel Hungaria, een productiehuis voor televisie (o.a. Dagelijkse Kost) en reclamespots. Voor een nieuwe reclamespot voor het merk Herta zijn wij op zoek naar foodbloggers. Zo gaan wij mensen in de winkel, die een Herta-product kopen, aanspreken en vragen wat ze ermee gaan doen. De foodblogger gaat dat gerechtje dan op zijn/haar manier bij de mensen thuis maken. De reclamespot is in eerste instantie bedoeld voor online gebruik, maar zal in een ingekorte versie ook op televisie komen. Bijgevolg zijn wij dus op zoek naar enthousiaste en vlotte foodbloggers!

    Ik ben op jullie blog Tasting and Living terecht gekomen en ik vroeg me af of iemand van jullie het zou zitten om de reclame te hosten?
    Heel concreet is de opdracht om (op voorhand vastgestelde) mensen aan te spreken in de winkel en met hen samen iets lekkers met Herta klaar te maken.

    De opnames zouden plaatsvinden rond 9 juni en je zou ongeveer 2,5 dagen beschikbaar moeten zijn.
    Een mooie vergoeding is ook voorzien.

    Ziezo, als je me jou nummer geeft, kan ik je ook eens persoonlijk bellen om alles uit te leggen!

    Ik hoop alvast op een spoedig en positief antwoord!

    Met vriendelijke groetjes,
    Phaedra Michiels

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