Gitte Kik: our favourite Danish smorebrod!

Gitte Kik’  first opened in 1797 and they make the best smorebrod in town. They serve about 10-12 different varieties. Most of the smorebrod are served on sliced dark bread, however certain ingredients don’t work with dark bread, so depending on the combinations, a different kind of sliced bread is used. You can order the absolute must combination of marinated herring with curry sauce, but you can also go for the more ‘exotic’ one with roast beef slices, grated horse-radish and sweetly caramelised onions. Also the slices of roasted and very crunchy suckling pig is on our  list of recommendations. However make sure you book at least in day in advance, it’s right in the centre of the city and has lots of local following, so be in time!

Fortunstraede 4

1065 Kobenhavn K

+45 33 11 15 37

(closed Sundays and sometimes on Mondays)

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