Brondum Hotel and Restaurant: Skagen in all its glory

Skagen is at the extreme Northern tip of Denmark. It has been an artists colony since the 1800’s and is still today regarded by many as a highlight of any Danish holiday. It’s also the place where Denmark literally disappears into the sea, so the light is quite bright and particular. This special light has been the inspiration for artists up until this day.

Brøndums Hotel in Skagen has for generations been and is still today highly regarded within the Nordic countries. Only one hotel in Denmark carries the same prestigious position in people’s minds: Hotel d’Angleterre in the Danish capital. But that is another story, now its time to focus on Brøndums at Skagen.

It all began around 1840 with Erik Brøndum, a merchant and innkeeper who married Ane Hedevig Møller. The Hotel had a number of prominent guests, among them H.C. Andersen.

At some point in time, the Inn had become too small, and Erik Brøndums son, Degn Brøndum, had convinced Plesner to expand the Inn, which was finished in 1892.

However, the expansion still turned out to be insufficient.  Twice (in 1897 and 1909, Plesner who had a preference for red brick) had launched a further expansion of the hotel, as it had become known by that time. In 1954 and 1959 fires reduced the size of it considerably except for a single conserved addition: The restoration wing with the veranda above.

One of the leading architects and visitor to Skagen, Thorvald Bindesbøll, designed the magnificent dining room so that the Brøndum family paintings could be built into the wall panels.

In the end the complete dining room was handed over to Skagen Museum according to the will of Degn Brøndum. The ties between the hotel and the museum have consequently always been strong.

Degn Brøndum thought that running water and hot baths were unnecessary, since the hotel was only 200 metres away from the beach. When swimming in the ocean was good enough for him, then why should it not be for others as well? In the main building, where the oldest parts date back to 1874, you may therefore find showers and toilets outside the rooms while bathrobes and washbasins are in the rooms.

The food has throughout the history of Brøndums Hotel been a central focal point. The artists enjoyed it and described it in exalted terms to their friends back at the academies and since then it has been one of the corner stones in a successful stay at Brøndums Hotel.

The food at Brøndums Hotel is today a great mix of classic dishes in addition to a seasonal menu where the kitchen creates dishes inspired by the seasonal foods.

Here’s an idea of the menu

Dinner – A la carte
, served from 17.30 until 22.00
6 oysters ‘La Perle Blanche’ au naturel with lemon and toast – 180 DKK
Brøndums smoked salmon with horse radish, crudité, rye bread, quail eggs and herbs – 145 DKK
Fish soup Madam Brøndum with poached cod – 135 DKK

Main courses fish
Plaice à la Skawbo with new potatoes and cowberries – 185 DKK
Fried lemon sole à la Drachmann with fried Norway lobster and lobster sauce – 265 DKK
Fried turbot fillet with artichoke barigoule, new onions and herbs – 325 DKK

Main courses meat
Pork tenderloin fried with Skagen Ham, served with mashed potatoes and  bacon vinaigrette – 225 DKK
Tournedos ‘en croûte’ with braised veal tail, pearl onions, bone marrow and red wine sauce – 275 DKK
Chateaubriand made from tenderloin with pommes Anna, served with sauce bordelaise and béarnaise (for min. 2 persons) – 345 DKK

Dessert & cheese
Sorbet and ice cream with crisp – 125 DKK
Blueberries, white chocolate, “Cupcake” and blue berry sorbet – 135 DKK
Chocolate “Brownie” with chocolate mousse, cherries and sorbet – 135 DKK
Crêpes Suzette with vanilla ice cream (for min. 2 persons) – 145 DKK
Cheese platter with classic garniture and crisp bread – 125 DKK

We thought the place was grandious, full of history and accomplished local and seasonal dishes that were refined and delicious. Served on Royal Kopenhagen porcelain, of course.
Brøndums Hotel – Anchersvej 3 – DK-9990 Skagen – Telephone: (+45) 98 44 15 55

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