Vleisfees in Calvinia

Russell Smith is a south-african travel writer and photographer. His article in Getaway magazine on Karoo lamb is wonderful. So here are some of his superb photographs:

The occasion was the annual ‘vleisfees’ (meat festival) in Calvinia, about 400 km from Cape Town.

“In August last year I went to the Hantam Vleisfees, an annual event that is uniquely South African and celebrates everything lamb, literally from head to tail. This visit revealed a greater story, one that required a second visit and time spent with a few of the key players in farming and producing Karoo lamb and of course the sheep themselves.
The warmth of the people, the amazing open spaces and the passion for good lamb recipes should be incentive enough but for photography it is inspiring.”

This year the meat feast is on 24-25 of August.

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