Maonol Blahnik ice cream!

We don’t normally associate high-end fashion labels with rich, indulgent desserts…but, it’s important to keep an open mind. Frankly, it didn’t take a lot of arm-twisting to get us on board with the latest venture by George Malkemus and Tony Yurgaitis (Blahnik’s President and VP, respectively.) Organic, artisanal, hand-packed ice cream? Here is all our money, give us what you’ve got.

Purchased by the fashion duo in 1999, Arethusa Farm & Dairy in Litchfield, CT began as a venture to produce high-quality dairy products for the local community, and has been crafting yogurt, milk, and cheeses for avid fans ever since. That’s great and all, but now we’re talking ICE CREAM. Arethusa’s cows are treated like royalty (the sign above the milking barn reads “Every cow in this barn is a lady, please treat her as such.”), and it shows. The locals have been raving about this creamy goodness, which was only available direct from the dairy — until now.

Starting this week, Arethusa Ice Cream will be sold at Dean & Deluca’s SoHo and Madison Avenue locations.


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