Nihonryori Ryugin Tokyo

One of the restaurants of the Top 50, I loved was Nihonryori Ryugin in Tokyo. Here is there Spring Meny 2013:

  • “Spring Gastronomy Menu”
    23,100 JPY
  • HOT ・Appetizer: Array of Spring Vegetables
    with one sip of “Clam” Clear Soup
  • COLD HOT ・RyuGin Signature Dish
    Expression of the Different Temperatures…
  • HOT ・Ichiban Dashi Luxurious Spring Soup
  • COLD ・“Sashimi” Dish RyuGin Style
    Array of Varied Preparations
  • Afbeelding 33
  • HOT ・ “Charbroiled” Seasonal Fish
    in Spring presentation
  • HOT ・“A Flavored Dish” to feel the Grace of Japan
    Warm Spring Preparation
  • HOT ・Meat Spécialité
  • HOT・ Seasonal Signature Rice Dish
    Miso Soup and Pickles

COLD HOT ・RyuGin Spécialité
RyuGin Original Dessert -196℃ ~ +99℃

  • COLD HOT ・Baked Light “Oyaki”
    and Soft served Ice Cream
  • ・Matcha

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