Rust en Vrede in World’s Top 100 wines of Wine Spectator

Rust en Vrede Estate in Stellenbosch has joined the class of international vinous icons by reaching the Wine Spectator Magazine’s annual list of the World’s Top 100 wines for the fifth time.

The Rust en Vrede Estate 2008, the winery’s flagship red wine, received a score of 93 points and was placed 78thin this revered list of the World’s Top 100 Wines for 2012 which was announced this week.
This accolade was previously awarded to Rust en Vrede in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 – also for the Estate Wine from the respective vintages of 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Only two South African wines made this year’s Spectator Top 100 list, the other being Hamilton Russell Estate with its 2011 Chardonnay.

According to Jean Engelbrecht, Rust en Vrede proprietor, the award vindicates a belief in specialization and focus. “Rust en Vrede’s ethos is that of a red wine estate committed to excellence and the best expression of our vineyard sites in Stellenbosch’s Helderberg region,” says Engelbrecht.

“This entails focussing on a limited number of red grape varieties from sites with proven track records. The Estate wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot, has allowed us to combine three of the finest vineyards bearing grape varieties witha history of superbly expressing themselves on our Rust en Vredeterroir. Engelbrecht says accolades such as these are not only important for Rust en Vrede, but for the entire South African wine industry.

“If South Africa wants to be perceived as a wine-producing nation of distinction, it is not going to do it in the cheap-and-cheerful high volume market,” says Engelbrecht. “What we need to elevate our status is more top-end South African wines grabbing the imagination of the consumer through international recognition and accolades. This includes offering wines of quality at all price points.

“More iconic South African wines sitting alongside the world’s best will not only benefit these producers, but the image and perception of our industry in its entirety. This is what the industry has to strive towards and this is what those representing the industry have to show a greater support of.”

Plus the Queen of Denmark goes there for lunch, so hey try it!

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