Danish food

Denmark and Nordic food in general is now on the top of many culinary lists. However it’s not always necessary to eat at Noma to taste the best of Danish gastronomy.

We had a delicious meal at Falsled Kro. It’s on the island of Fyn, right in the middle of Denmark. The old-fashioned inn has a beautiful setting, right next to the water.

We had a superb seasonal 4 course menu. First we started off with a gorgeous cocktail called the ‘gardener’s delight’; geranium infused gin with fresh shoots of peas and a little  lavender oil.

The feast started with cod, chanterelles, spelt crisps and a smooth pea purée. The bread that was served on the side was a malt bread in the shape of small cannelés; delicious and addictive!

Then a super soft and tender piece of veal, with carrots, onions from the herb garden and a morel sauce.

All in all a great dining experience with food that is traditional (so no great surprises here), local and seasonal.

Falsled Kro
Assensvej 153
5642 Millinge

Chef: Per Hallundbaek

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