Ferran Adria opening a Japanese restaurant

The Spanish master Ferran Adrià and his brother and business partner Albert Adrià have announced plans to open a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona.

The news comes after Ferran’s translator Lucy Garcia tweeted “After the Mexican Ferran and Albert to open a Nikkei restaurant.” The brothers announced plans for a Mexican restaurant in the city some time this year and also told FDL about plans to open a snack and cocktail venue somewhere in London sometimes next year.

With the elBulli Foundation opening in 2014, Ferran telling FDL in a recent interview that in 2013 he will return to gastronomy and a number of reports that the brothers have plans to expand their culinary empire, this new Japanese themed restaurant should come as no surprise.

In a recent interview with FDL Ferran discussed his love for Asian cuisine and how he is sure that in the next ten years it is food from this part of the world that will become the world leader in gastronomy.

There is no news as to when the pair will open the Japanese restaurant but we’ll keep you posted when more is announced.


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