Val d’Aosta – for inspiration

And finally a choice of our favorites from the stay at Hotel Bellevue and which can serve well for inspiration for light cooking over the summer.

First a delicious dish based on brie de meaux on polenta in a champignon stew. A surprisingly tasty combination.
Secondly a chickpea soup with cuttlefish. A bit heavy perhaps, particularly for summer, but a very pleasant way to use chickpeas and a very interesting combination with the cuttlefish.
Thirdly a light creamy vegetable soup with chives and a roll of smoked salmon hidden underneath the blinis. Basically an alternative way of serving blinis with smoked salmon and cream.
Fourthly for lunch on the terrace on a summer day why not just tempura of fish and vegetables served with a sparkling prosecco.
And finally a selection of cheeses from the impressive cheese trolley at Hotel Bellevue – from the freshest ricotta to the oldest Tomme imaginable.
We recommend Cogne and Hotel Bellevue in particular as a place to relax and enjoy nature, food and the grand mountains. Not only is the accommodation first class but with an in-house 1 star Michelin restaurant, you can’t ask for more. The welcome is always hear-felt and genuine. The interiors are cosy without over-fussy and the beds are better than the ones you have at home.
Guests are coming back year after year and many are Italians, which always serves as a good measurement in quality, we believe.
Highly recommended for food lovers, hiking enthusiasts and certainly also lovers of ‘Langlauf’.
We will be back in winter time!

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