Val d’Aosta in spring

Spending a long weekend at Hotel Bellevue in Cogne, Val d’Aosta in Italy is a challenge in many ways. Your mind need to find rest and accept the quiet and the beauty of the landscape.
Your body need to accept the challenges of the mountain trekking.
Your senses need to adapt to the simplicity.
And you need to relax and enjoy before you leave the valley again and the world hits you.
An essential part of this is the food. And as always the Hotel Bellevue provides stunning food in stunning surroundings. How they get the freshest ingredients each day is a puzzle, considering the location. But they do, and they treat these ingredients with the up-most respect to present the most delicious and beautiful dishes you can imagine. This is not molecular or Noma cooking – this is honest, direct cooking with such consistent quality and innovation, that you cannot help being amazed by each dish.
On this picture you see a vegetable terrine. The vegetables were beautifully stacked in layers and surrounded by a roll of grilled aubergine to keep it in place. On top is a perfectly poached fresh chicken egg and some grated Provolone cheese on top. Cutting into the poached egg and seeing the perfectly cooked egg yolk run down the terrine is beauty in action. And then tasting it!

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