And more Aosta …

Simplicity is the leitmotif at Hotel Bellevue in Cogne when it comes to food.Simplicity, freshness and inviting presentation.
The seafood risotto on the picture was the primi one of the evenings and as you can see wonderfully presented. You wonder how they can get such fresh seafood when so far from the sea. But I guess the trick is to treat your ingredients with respect. Freshness is not always just a question of being short time out of the water. At Frantzen/Lindeberg in Stockholm they had discovered that Sashimi tastes best, when the fish is 12 days out of the water – and kept under the right conditions. I have no idea if Hotel Bellevue applies these principles, I only know the result is pretty much the same.
The seafood risotto with fresh peas was delicious and the shellfish cooked to perfection just added that extra taste of fresh sea to the risotto.
Clearly cooked with care and consideration, taking the time needed to make a tasty, creamy risotto when they are best.
For more information on Hotel Bellevue; check their website
We recommend a long weekend in June so you can enjoy the fields full of fragrant spring flowers.

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