L’épicerie fine de la Senne

This ‘fine épicerie’ is located just off Boulevard Anspach in a tiny pedestrian side street. It serves savoury and sweet breakfasts from 9-11,00 (no later!) and the terrace they have outside the shop is charming. Inside the wall space is covered with racks of all sorts of divine goodies for foodies; sirops with different flavouring, a large selection of Epices Terre exotique and also a selection of the high quality ‘Conserves La Quiberonnaise’. This culinary canning brand of fish has been around for 100 years in situated in Britanny. It only uses prime ingredients, good oils and vinegars to preserve the fish in. The packaging is great because they still use the old fashioned colours and retro style of can. We especially like the fish soup can.

It’s also a great place for gifts for foodies or anyone you don’t really know what to buy for, some of the stuff is rather unique like the brown sugar from Brazil we bought there.

L’épicerie fine de la Senne

Rue du Bon Secours

1000 Brussels

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