A ride on the food tram through Brussels

The Culinary Tram experience we were invited to this sunday, was more than expected. Apart from the first sunny spring weather, the quality of the prepared food on board was really top notch. The dishes of the various chefs that are show casing their menus are expertly executed by the chef and staff on board. The cramped working conditions of course make it necessary to prepare many things in advance but the way our fish was cooked, proved that this tram experience isn’t just a gimmick, it’s top food in an original setting.

The 2,5 hour tram ride takes you through Avenue Louise, Montgomery, Tervuren, Watermael Boitsfort and back again, a great tram experience in itself. We enjoyed the fact that the ride was during the day, because you can enjoy the sights of Brussels and the amazement of people in the street.

75 € per person seems a very fair price to us, especially because the dishes were expertly executed and designed and the wines and champagne just kept on flowing in and out of our glasses. A must for anyone who wants to explore the city from a different perspective! Book on http://visitbrussels.be/bitc/BE_fr/brusselicious.do

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