Culinaire tram

We were kindly invited to experience and test the food on the Culinary Tram this sunday and of course we couldn’t refuse!

We were served a Lionel Rigolet menu of ‘Comme chez soi’.

A delicious veal cannelloni, crème de foie gras d’oie with green olives and an 18 month old Comté cheese. It’s served with a 2011 German Riesling from Anselmann estates. A promising start with a great smoothness to the foie gras and a perfect taste match with the Comté cheese. Remarkable! The dots of green mousse are made with mustard, Xeres vinaigre and watercress. The freshness cuts perfectly through the fattiness of the creme in the cannelloni.

Then a pike perch, reduction of Syrah wine with smoked curry, selim pepper and crispy wild rice.
Again great texture combinations. Crunchy wild rice, smooth and perfectly cooked fish and a top presentation.

And then a poached Doyenné pear with Poire Williams liqueur, pear sorbet with basil, almond biscuit, citrus fruit with Kaffir lime and Calcutta tea.

A very complex dessert, especially if you have to prepare this on a bumpy tram. Again top ingredients, well thought out combination of flavours and textures.

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