Twecipes – A Glossary

Twecipes are 140 character recipes that are popular on Twitter. Recipes are ultra-abbreviated to ensure that they fit in the 140 character space.
Common terms:
s&p = salt and pepper, to taste
H2O = water
@ = at (especially with oven temperatures)
w/ = with
srv = serve
mlt = melt
handfl = handful
cvr = cover
chpd chopped
w/o = without
remv = remove
garl = garlic
msh = mash
+ = add
olvoil = olive oil
Imperial measurements:
C/c = cup
T = tablespoon
t = teaspoon
oz = ounce
pt = pint
qt = quart
lb = pound
F = degrees Fahrenheit

@tinyrecipes’ most popular recipe:
Mug cake – Mix in a mug: 2T flour, 4t sugar, 1/4t baking powder, 2t cocoa, pinch salt, 2T milk, 1/4t vanilla, 3/4t oil. microwave 1 min.
This is one of my favourite tiny recipes. It’s naturally simple and perfect on a cold day:
Congee (rice porridge) – Bring 1/2C short grain white rice + 4C water + 1/2 cube vegetable bouillon to a boil for 5 min, cover, simmer 90min

Other example twecipes:
Rst bf – Rb beefw/ salt,ppr&olvoil. Sear in r/tray on hob, tfr 2 oven 240° 4 20min, rdce heat 2 190°, 30min pr k 4 rare, rest, crv #tweetpie
Spag Bol – Fry garl, onion, brwn mince+thyme, gls rd wine, tin toms, msrooms, sson, simr 40 min. Boil pasta 10 mins. Srv w/parmsn #tweetpie
Risotto–Sftn onino, garl & celry in olvoil+rice, tn up heat+splsh wine, stir,+stock, stir, rpt till cooked+butter & parmsn, srv #tweetpie

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