Tranekaer Slotskro, approved by Danish royalty

In the 18th century there was a Highway Inn, between Tranekær and Bøstrup, which “The General” – Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig built in 1802, and which – by Royal privilege in April 1803 – becomes the Castle Inn in “Tranekær” as we know it today. Tranekaer  is on the Danish island of Langeland, a wonderful vacation island with long stretches of beaches, deep forests, that shaped hills all over the island, charming medieval villages, natural habitats, bird sanctuaries and wild horses.

“The General” became the host of the Inn. After “The General” followed Mr. L. Pinguely and others after him. In 1860 the beautiful old horse stable was built next to the main house. In the first half of the 19th century the Castle Inn also served as Postal Inn. In 1953 Tranekær Castle Inn is sold from the Manor. Today it is owned by Monique Rehberg who has gone through a careful renovation. The old stable serves today as guesthouse.

The top dish on the menu here is roasted pheasant. we weren’t entirely sure if they came from the island itself but nevertheless, at 149DK we were pleasantly surprised by the heartiness of the dish. Don’t expect any top gastronomic treats here, it’s local, seasonal and home-made. When we visited the chef hadn’t shown up that day, so they were frantically looking for a replacement. However low they were on staff that day, the food certainly didn’t suffer and neither did the service level.

We loved the decor! A mix of dusty hot-chocolat cups hanging on the wall and slightly faded baronial depictions of lavish gardens and follies. The kitchen was rather impressive with an original tiled floor and a bewildering collection of copper pots in all sizes.

The overall impression of the accommodation is that of a slightly run-down boarding house, although there is a ‘new’ wing with a more ‘contemporary’ feel. It’s clean and basic, just the place if you are travelling through. Langeland doesn’t have much choice in upscale lodging so this is a pretty decent option. Especially thanks to the pheasant dish!

Slotsgade 74
DK-5953 Tranekær
Tel.: +45 62 59 12 04

Double room: 950,- per day.

2 nights stay, 3-course menu in the evening
between 2 menus: 750,- per person.

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