Madfood in Copenhagen

NOMA is organising a new ‘Food Camp’ in July.

There’s still some tickets available but not much, so hurry!

On the 27th and 28th of August 2011, we held the inaugural MAD Symposium, which we desired to be an educational tool for the developing chef. The topic was vegetation. By improving literacy in ecology, studying food history and food production methods this Symposium sought to increase the general awareness of today’s chef. Whilst an homage to quality, seasons, nature and knowledge, with this idea we also embarked on a journey to enrich the soil of every chef’s understanding.

For the second edition of MAD, we turn our attention from the natural world onto the internal one – from the world of plants onto the person. This time, we delve into the theme appetite.

As chefs, we work and live through appetite – it is our natural habitat. Knowing the techniques of our craft, the science of cooking or the seasons of produce is of course valuable, but we can deepen our understanding even further. We can investigate the intuition that drives our everyday routine and inspires creativity – that is essential to producing a fundamentally good meal.

We want to recognise the many tacit decisions that determine how we think of food, flavour and deliciousness. To actively acknowledge what our hands and fingers appreciate instinctively after years of labour. To explore the hunger that is the source of our inspiration.

We need appetite to dare for better, to think bigger.

Here are the speakers that have already confirmed for MAD2:

  • Massimo Bottura (Italy)
  • Ferran Adria (Spain)
  • Chido Govera (Zimbabwe)
  • Fergus Henderson (Great Britain)
  • Rasmus Kofoed (Denmark)
  • Mission Street Chinese (USA)
  • Enrique Olvera (Mexico)
  • Leif Sørensen (Faroe Isalnds)
  • Andrea Petrini (France)
  • Andrea Pieroni (Italy)
  • Roderick Sloan (Norway)
  • Shin Takagi (Japan)

For more information, tickets, or press accreditation please contact Ali Kurshat Altinsoy

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