Tasty Talk with Kalle Bergman, collector of foodies from all over the globe

This month we are interviewing Kalle Bergman, Editor in chief of Honest Cooking, Born in Stockholm, Sweden, currently living in Denmark. Honest Cooking.com is a food blog-platform for over 200 fantastic food writers, chefs, Foodies, wine experts, beer maniacs, baristas, mixologists and food photographers – all driven by a deeply rooted passion for the culinary world. Some focus on very technical aspects of wine production in France, some on how to make the perfect BBQ marinade – others on how to get the kids to eat their vegetables or where to dine in Paris. They are spread out across the world – from Shanghai and Hong Kong, via Sydney and Cape Town, throughout Europe, Canada, USA and across to Hawaii, ensuring that you will always get the international perspective.

Their worlds are literally worlds apart. What unites them is that they all believe in good honest cooking, honest writing and honest products.

Let’s eat!

Hi Kalle, what is your professional background?
I’m a food writer who has dabbled with both public relations, advertising and many other fun things in the past – always with a firm eye on the stove.

And how did you get into food? And why?
I’ve had the passion since I was a kid. An itch that wouldn’t go away. I was never cut out for the restaurant kitchen, so I eventually ended up writing about food instead.
How would you describe your relationship to food?
Slightly dysfunctional and very emotional.

Where did your idea for Honest Cooking come from?
From the fact that I love food bloggers, but couldn’t find a magazine that agreed with me. The simple solution was therefore to start my own food magazine and create a platform for interesting food bloggers and writers from all over the world.

Do you have any ‘famous’ food people on board or as readers?
Honestly don’t know, but we do have both very prominent bloggers and successful Chefs on as contributors to the magazine.
Where are your roots in food?
I’m fairly rooted in the Nordic cuisine, with all the dishes I grew up with. But I have a wandering eye.
Is food important to you?
That would be an understatement. It’s both my job and my hobby, so it takes up a rather large chunk of my physical and mental capacity.

Where did you learn to cook?
At home basically. I started experimenting with spices when I was very very young, and have continued down that same path for many years now.
Do you use family recipes?
Absolutely, aren’t family recipes the foundation for all cooking really?
If so which one is your sure favorite?
I’m very much in love with my mom’s Swedish meatballs. You can’t argue with DNA.
What’s the next big thing in food according to you?
More vegetables. South American and African cuisine. At least I hope so.
Ok to round things up here are a couple of quick fire questions:

Favourite book?
Right now, The Modernist Cuisine
Which famous person would you like to have dinner with?
No one in particular and everyone in general. I love having dinner with new people, so start sending me invitations!
What’s your ‘best’ recipe?
I kind of like my chili-pickled cucumbers. Very simple stuff, but effective.
Your most important food ingredient you couldn’t live without?
Best food travel destination?
New York
Best food shop?
The Hötorgshallen market in Stockholm
Worst food experience?
Anywhere where pretentiousness rules over competence.
Any food addiction?
Street food in all shapes and sizes
Last thing you cooked?
Breakfast scrambled eggs.
Best food place ever?
Ridiculous answer, but for me it’s always the next one I visit.
Thanks a lot Kalle for the chat with us. Check out honestcooking.com for a wonderful collection of foodie articles from all 4 corners of the globe, covering all imaginable subjects!
And we will be continuing our collaboration with Honest Cooking to make sure more people hear about our favourite foodie places around the world! http://honestcooking.com/?s=sohl&x=0&y=0

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