Dining in Denmark isn’t always a ‘high flyer’ event. It can be local and very homely too. In this case, it’s very very local and so if ever you find yourself in Farsø, go and have your dinner at the Flejsborghus.

It’s more a community centre than restaurant, but the cooking is as honest as it gets: Stegt flaesk med solbaersyltetoj, persillesovs og kartofler, Flaeskesteg met rodkal, kartofler og sovs and even Svinekam stegt som vildt med waldof (!) salat, kartofler og sovs. As you can guess it rates high on potatoes and gravy. It’s made with lots of love and attention to the traditional recipes, which we thought was wonderful and getting quite rare these days. Prices are very reasonable, so book in advance!

Vesterhornumvej 93, 9640 Farsø, Tlf. 98 66 32 50
Open Monday to Sunday from 17,00
Dishes are 60DK or 70DK, depending on the size of the portion.


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