Best new restaurant Cape Town 2011

It’s an unusual choice, I know, but that’s Cape Town for you: a profuse mix of different origins and flavours.
Our new restaurant of 2011 for Cape Town goes to Kitima.

Owners Kitima Sukonpongpao from Thailand, Eed Harbich and Tim Harbich have made this venue a grand landmark for fine Asian cuisine in the Cape. Expertly blended with Thai spices, herbs and ingredients by skilled Thai chefs, the authentic fare ranges across the Pacific Rim from Hong Kong, Korea and Tokyo to Saigon and Singapore. Indulge in spicy interpretations of classics like Thai tom yum goong, Japanese miso, Vietnamese spring rolls, Malaysian curry and Chinatown dim sum and duck. Even ostrich gets the oriental makeover in a wok stir-fry. Whether you sit in the Bangkok, boat or temple themed rooms, skilled servers will advise on how to mix and match savoury, spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavours to achieve that elusive sense of umami. A special menu section caters for vegetarians.

Order off a comprehensive wine list of the Cape’s finest wines, or enjoy an aperitif from one of the most extensive cocktail lists in Africa created by mixologists in the elegant raya lounge and bar where Est meets West.

Warm wooden interiors, silk drapes, nostalgic photographs and objects d’art from Siam complete the look. They lay a table with food and flowers for the ghosts of two lovers said to haunt the old homestead. The interior is a bit of a culture shock as you would expect a rustic or even minimalistic white washed look inside, however it’s the contrary! It’s more opium den than Cape Cod for sure!

Kronendal Estate
140 Main Road
Hout Bay
Cape Town
closed mondays

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