Paternoster and food

About 170 km north of Cape Town, lies the very small village of Paternoster. It’s on the route R27 that heads straight to the Namibian border. And you can already start to feel the sandy and dune landscape that awaits further on. It’s becoming a retreat for well-off Capetonians (that is people living in Cape Town) who are looking for the unspoilt landscape and beach-scene. It’s true that after a drive through nothingness for about 2,5 hours, you see a completely unspoilt coast line with a couple of rows of white-washed cottages and blue shutters hugging the extremely white and powdery sand of the beaches.

The West Coast is Afrikaner country. So I was spoken to in Afrikaans rather than in English, which hurtles me 10,000 km back north to Belgium and the difficulties we have a mixing both Flemish and French in our capital. It seems they face similar linguistic problems.

Apart from its obvious beauty, Paternoster is also a bit of a foodie place. There’s a small but great mix of home-cooking style restaurants. On the menu is mostly fish, of course. When I was there a couple of days ago, the crayfish season had started, so that was the thing to go for. You can’t get fresher fish than here, fishermen bring it in with their small colourful wooden fishing boats and sell it to you straight out of their boat.

I had heard great reviews on the Noisy Oyster, however that was totally booked, so I tried Voorstrandt Restaurant. It is an old fisherman’s house build out of wood and corrugated roofing. The place is very busy so it is best to book even for lunch especially if you would like a table out on the verandah which is lovely in summer but would make sure to be inside in the winter as the Cape can be very cold and wet at that time of the year.

The Voorstrandt Restaurant is situated in a 114 year old quaint red and green tin house, right on the white sandy beach with panoramic views of the sand, sea and sky. Meals are served from 10am to 10pm.

You’ll need a bit of Afrikaans to understand the menu but the staff is extremely helpful, so help is always available.

I love the ‘vars berei’ expression. It means freshly made!

So if you’re looking for the freshest of sea food, straight out of the sea, 10 metres away, on you rplate; go for Voorstrandt Restaurant!

Strandloper Street
 7381, Paternoster,
Western Cape
Phone: +27 (0)22 7522 038


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