Litterally apple-slices. An old Danish traditional fried cake much used around Christmas. It is related to the smoutbollen/croustilliant, but still different.

As is the case with most of these kinds of cakes and cookies many recipes exist. And in particular for æbleskiver there are great varieties in which spices you add, or if you add a real piece of apple. They can also be made in a way that make them more like bread or more like cake. Or more fat or less fat. So whenever you see a recipe it might be different and will produce another kind of æbleskiver. The following recipe is from Nanna Simonsen “Smag på Danmark” (Taste Denmark). Nanna Simonsen is one of the true pioneers in bringing the Danish kitchen back in the limelight, even before Noma had opened.

Of course the other challenge for making æbleskiver is that you need the special pan, see the photo. And usually they are only available in Denmark.

But if you have the pan it is worthwhile to occasionally make these delightful cakes. This recipe requires 2 dl of beer, 2 dl of cream and 3 egg yolks mixed together. Meanwhile mix the dry ingredients: 5 dl flour, 1 tblsp sugar, pinch salt, 1 tsp bicarbonate, 1 tsp powder of cardamom, and zest of ½ lemon. You then mix the liquid and the dry ingredients. Leave the mixture to rest for ½-1 hour. Meanwhile you can prepare pieces of apple to put in the æbleskiver. You turn the small pieces of apple in sugar and cinnamon and keep ready in a bowl.

Finally you whip the whites of the three eggs and fold it into the mixture.

You bake it in the special pan – filling up the holes, adding a piece of apple and then the dough starts to set you turn them over and they get perfectly round. Make sure they are cooked through, otherwise the center will be too sticky. Serve with sugar and glögg.

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