Top 3 Foodie must-haves tafelservies 2011

Flora Danica

The motifs depicting fungi might be slightly startling to romantic spirits. The colours used for the series of fungi were determined autocratically by nature, with browns and greys, white, fiery reds and a few purple shades among the golden hues of the forest floor. The result is striking, uncompromising and alluring.

2890 euro

Precious, Prestigious, Priceless

Hold a little history in the palm of your hand. Flora Danica is one of the world´s most prestigous and luxurious porcelain collections. Dating from the 1700s, the service was the life´s work of acclaimed painter, Johann Christoph Bayer. It was created as a gift from royalty to royalty and is still used by kings and queens today.
Ice bell and stand

30,000 euro

Royal Collectibles

Royal Copenhagen is continuing it’s now more than one hundred-year-old tradition and is launching in 2011 the famous blue Christmas plate and other decorative pieces, which, since its birth in 1908, has come out each year featuring a motif from Danish nature, history and tradition. Join the history!

89 euro

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