Cake blown up!

To celebrate its 100th issue, Icon asked London-based food designers Blanch & Shock to make a birthday cake.

The brief: to reimagine what a cake could be, to devise something sculptural that nodded to the form of architectural models without being so literal as to construct a miniature building.

Blanch & Shock came up with a deconstructed cake consisting of individual sponges, meringues and marshmallows hanging in the air. The elements were positioned on perspex discs and then suspended by threading the discs through nylon wires fixed to the ceiling and to a table below.


The result:  A cake that mirrors the trajectory of exploding materials – some heavy, some light.   The heavy elements were created from sponge and marshmallow, coloured and flavoured with passionfruit, raspberry and beetroot.   The lighter elements were meringues, and ethereal garnishes of candyfloss and puréed jellies. Ground-level detritus was made of shards of chocolate ganache appearing to have speared the supporting surface.

The ultimate test of form and function….was it good to eat???

Kathryn Smith

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