Duurste dessert ooit?

Wie een doordeweekse chocoladepudding maar gewoontjes vindt en zijn nagerecht graag afgewerkt ziet met goud en diamanten, vindt voortaan zijn gading in het Britse Howe Country House Hotel. Daar staat wel wat tegenover. De luxechocoladepudding van chefkok Marc Guibert moet zo’n 25.000 euro kosten en is daarmee het duurste dessert ter wereld.

Ter ere van de Britse National Chocolate Week creëerde de kok een haute cuisine-pudding, gemaakt van vier soorten van de beste Belgische chocolade. Verder werden sinaasappel, perzik, whisky en champagne verwerkt in het nagerecht in de vorm van een Fabergé-ei. Het geheel is afgewerkt met eetbare goudblaadjes en de spreekwoordelijke kers op de taart is vervangen door een tweekaraatsdiamant.

Wave Jewellery presents the worlds most expensive dessert. Wave Jewellery & Marc Guilbert have cooked up the world’s most expensive dessert.
The extravagant chocolate pudding smashes all previous records.
Paul Henderson of Wave Jewellery selected the deep chocolate coloured diamond for the dessert, along with the warmth of the 18ct rose gold this ring complements the dessert perfectly.
The wave ring is the centre piece of the dessert, the stunning 2.62 carat chocolate diamond and 18ct rose gold ring add the ultimate touch of luxury to the dessert.
There is a list of ingredients which includes gold, champagne topped with Wave Jewellerys 2.62 carat chocolate diamond ring.
The pudding – which will be launched in National Chocolate Week (October 10-17) – is made with four different types of the finest Belgian chocolate flavoured with a combination of peach, orange and whiskey.
Styled like a Faberge Easter egg, the beautifully-crafted dessert is layered with champagne jelly and a light biscuit joconde before being finished with bitter dark chocolate and glazed with edible gold leaf.
The ring is from a range of contemporary designs at Wave Jewellery, this ring can be made to any finger size for you once you have enjoyed your luxury dessert.
The pudding is decorated with intricate handmade chocolate flowers. As a finishing touch the indulgent dessert is served with champagne and strawberry caviar.
It also comes with one of the finest and most expensive bottles of dessert wine – Chateau d’Yquem which is priced at around £500 per bottle.
The dessert also includes a complimentary nights stay at Lindeth Howe and an evening meal.
The idea for the record breaking dessert was dreamt up by Wave Jewellerys Paul & Jo Henderson & Lindeth Howe’s Mark Abbott and Marc Guibert.
At £22,000 per egg, the dessert easily breaks the previous world record which was held by New York’s Serendipity 3 Restaurant with a pudding priced at £12,000.
Wave Jewellerys new dessert will take its place in the Guinness Book of World Records as soon as a customer has deep enough pockets to order one.
Anyone wanting to buy the dessert will need to order it from Wave Jewellery three weeks in advance. For everyone else, the dessert will be on display at the hotel.
Wave Jewellery is a company based in Kendal, the gateway to the lake district and perfect surroundings for a romantic proposal.

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