Small food art

I came across these beautiful small-scale worlds of food. They are wonderfully poetic and creative!
Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli‘s “Disparity” series aims to highlight America’s culture of over-consumption, using hand painted railway model figurines glued into place onto real food. “I chose food as a backdrop because it is a constant,” said Christopher.  “People see a striking image of food and are immediately drawn in because it is something familiar.

Working on his project since 2006, Christopher has been inspired by the Lilliputians of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ to create his scenes. “The set-ups come from a very organic place,” said Christopher. “I’ll usually start with the food, seeing what’s in season at the farmer’s market, considering what I’ve shot before. Or I think about iconic foods, like Oreo cookies. I also consider how I can populate those images with figures with a context that makes sense.(from The Telegraph)

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