Senzanome winner of The Birra Moretti Best Authentic Italian Restaurant Awards

For 150 years Birra Moretti has been synonymous with authenticity and quality for Italians. So naturally, Birra Moretti seeks to endorse those chefs across the globe who best advertise the values of authentic “Italianness”: first of all the quality of the raw materials and the know-how, but also the warmth of true hospitality, and the pleasure of fine eating in good company.

It’s here that the partnership with Restaurant magazine, creator and organiser of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants programme, and the idea of the Best Authentic Italian Restaurant came into being – not simply as an award for the best Italian cuisine abroad but something different and, in our opinion, more important.

The Best Authentic Italian Restaurant Award is an acknowledgment of those who, in every continent, have best demonstrated the ability to offer the essence of the Italian art of eating; where diners can enjoy fine Italian food and good company with whom to share it. It is a simple pleasure that has always been an indispensable part of Italian culture, a precious moment which Italians export to many countries around the world.

Senzanome is one of only two Italian restaurants in Brussels to be awarded a Michelin star thanks to owners Nadia and Giovanni Bruno’s seemingly effortless blend of classic dishes and refined cooking techniques. Yet far from being a clinical temple of gastronomy where diners talk in hushed tones and the service is stiff, Senzanome has the feel of a genuine family-run enterprise. Nadia and Giovanni took over the running of the restaurant from their parents and haven’t looked back since, creating a friendly atmosphere that echoes its stylish yet welcoming decor.

The menu is relatively tight and guided by the seasons with chef Giovanni dedicated to using fresh, Italian ingredients to demonstrate the breadth of cuisine Italy has to offer. Classic dishes fill the menu, such as vitello tonnato – thin slices of roast veal, tuna mayonnaise and capers – and the Sicilian delicacy sardine beccafico – fish stuffed with herbed breadcrumbs, pecorino, pine nuts and raisins, balsamic and olive oil and tomato salad, each refined and brought up to date for today’s more discerning diner.

A strong Italian-led wine list plays an equally crucial role in Senzanome’s authentic Italian heritage. A strong selection of prosseco and franciacorta wines head up the list, followed by an extensive red and white offer that represents all of Italy’s key wine growing regions.

Dedication to the restaurant means Giovanni and Nadia are always in the kitchen and front of house respectively. When the pair go on holiday, from late July to mid August, the restaurant closes with them so that no customer misses out on their Italian hospitality.

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