More British Food – Kendal Festival of Food

Since I am back and forth to the UK at the moment I have a chance to explore October’s serving of food festivals.   Kendal – famous for Kendal Mint Cake – is in the misty moody Lake’s District.   Throughout October, Kendal is hosting a celebration of Cumbrian food.   What better way to explore what Cumbria has to offer beyond the ubiquitous mint cake!

Top of my list is Coal Yeat pedigree saddleback pigs.  ‘Eat them to keep them’ – rare breeds cannot survive if you do not help in their sustainability by asking for rare breed pork. Only about 10% of all rare breed pigs go on to continue the pedigree lines, the rest have to be eaten. Therefore you can help their survival and enjoy the eating qualities unique to these traditional British breeds of pigs.

Dales Traditional Butchers in Cumbria love Saddleback pigs. The rare breeds are the cornerstone of Dales award winning sausages, pies, burgers, bacon and hams.  I think I’ll be bringing back an icebox full of goodies on my next trip for a Brussels bbq before the winter descends.

Kathryn Smith


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