Les filles et plaisirs culinaires

What to do when your love feels sad on a Friday morning?

Invite her to lunch, release her serotonins, boost the vitamin level, and sprinkle her with wine.

Next question: where to? Preferably an original place serving healthy delicious food…
So I decided to go out for lunch and spoil ourselves with a healthy meal. I am a newbie in Brussels, which leaves me many unexplored places. Saint-Gilles has much to offer, although my girlfriends’ sad eyes made me realize that we shouldn’t settle for a burger with fries, or an ordinary pizza quarto stagioni, not today.

Reading an interesting article on the slow food movement and organic food culture, brought me to hunt for a table at “les filles et plaisirs culinaires”, located at the Rue Vanderschrick 85 at 1060 St-Gilles. Recognizing a restaurant when you have the coordinates should be a piece of cake, definitely when you live pretty much around the corner. “Les Filles” however, succeeded to hide their treasure behind the façade of an ancient hat factory. The factory now serves as a building block for communal living. Nothing but a small announcement on the door reveals what actually happens behind these walls.
Conclusion: or you are a well informed foodie, or you are a very lucky passer-by with an empty stomach and a sense of curiosity!

Three cheerful ladies, with totally different backgrounds (a singer, a dancer and a cook) but with a shared passion for food, changed their lives in 2007, and decided to hunt their wildest dream and create a new concept in the dining culture. They define “Les Filles” as a multifunctional, multifaceted project, blending culinary creativity with a passion for food, where cooking experience and culinary knowledge is exchanged amongst food aficionados.

This is just a glimpse of what this place is about: Les Filles is a genuine excellent food factory. A cooking studio for adults and children, a catering service for companies and a set lunch restaurant during weekdays. The infusion of healthy aromas when you enter the door rouses the appetite instantly. The idea is simple: an open architecture for people with an open mind, 3 tables for somewhat 8 persons each, a 3 course set menu (different starters), you serve yourself and eat what you feel like. Each course is made from organically cultivated ingredients and biologically farmed animals. The dishes are cooked with passion and finished with conviction.

As a starter we had melon and prosciutto, mozzarella di bufala with onion jelly and homemade pate with freshly baked bread, marvelous !

The main dish consisted of perfectly fried roast beef with small potatoes, flavored with rough sea salt and thyme, rocket salad and crispy shoots. The deliciousness of these dishes lies in the simplicity of the composition and the freshness of the ingredients.

We got so focused on enjoying the food that we almost forgot that we needed some time to digest, and spare some space to share a piece of lightly baked apple pie to finish it off.

Both S. and I were decisive that this was one of the better spent 36 € on such a rich and quality lunch meal. The initial tears of sadness turned into tears of joy and satisfaction.

I guess my mission was accomplished… ☺

Simon Talloen

Les Filles
Rue Vanderschrickstraat 85
1060 Brussels

only open on week days from 12.00h till 14.30h

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