Bompas & Parr marshmallows anyone?

What do they do? They are fantabulous jellymagicians.

What do they suggest? Do not expect celery sticks and carrot batons, this is seriously FUN food they are suggesting: Rose or/and Violet Marshmallows!
What do we think? Marshmallows are the most fun to make and to eat, a splendid idea to make your packed lunch sparkle.


Butter a suitable baking tray. The slightly deeper silver trays you have will contain all the mallow made by the largest amount of ingredients. Make sure it is greased really thoroughly but not lumpy, then sieve icing sugar very generously over the whole thing – if there is a tiny patch without icing sugar the marshmallow will stick.

In the Kenwood’s bowl, whiz together for 1/2 minute 11g powdered gelatine and 59ml of water.
Leave for 10 minutes to bloom.

Meanwhile, in a pan, pour 121g of glucose syrup, 30ml of water and 215g of sugar. Put on highest heat possible. Monitor with thermometer that the heat reaches 240 F (soft boil).

Meanwhile, check that the gelatine has all come into contact with the water – you can also add several drops of food colour. Because the marshmallow will be naturally white the colour will never get beyond pastel so adding more than this amount of dye is probably pointless.

When the boiling sugar solution gets to 240 F, turn off the heat, start the mixer (on the lowest speed) and poor into it the contents of the pan.
From this point on, you have to get the mixer up to full speed. This will take longer if you are making larger amounts as there is more risk of splashing and it takes longer to cool.
It takes up to about 10 minutes for the mallow to reach full fluffiness and stop increasing in size. At that point add flavouring: 1/2 tea spoon of vanilla essence respectively. When making lavender ones I put in slightly less than this so as not to overpower it (several sprigs worth of dried lavender should cover the maximum amount but keep tasting). Add a pinch of salt too.
Whisk in the flavour for another minute or two – check the taste. Then (if not too hot or runny) pour and spatula into your backing tray(s) and leave in a safe place for up to 16 hours (overnight). When ready, cut up with lots of sievable icing sugar to hand. It will be required for every severed surface.

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