Kim Ponsaerts on her passion for food

Hej Kim, 
Thanks for being in Tasty Talk this month!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a radio host at Fm Brussel for a lifestyle show Panache. I’m on the air every day from 12 tot 2 pm.  In the show we have tips on how to spend a good time in Brussels (concerts, movies, theatre, sports, fashion and shopping, restaurants…) I live in Brussels for more than 10 years now and love the vibe of the capital.

How important is food in the program?
We love to talk about food and restaurants. If there’s a new restaurant in the city, we check it out. Every Friday, we offer the listeners a free dinner for two. The winner reviews that restaurant.

How would you describe your relationship to food?

Good food makes happy moments

Where are your roots in food?
I grew up with Belgian classics, such as stoemp, tomatosoup with meatballs, asperges a la flamande, mussels, my mum’s perfect mashed potatoes…

Is food important to you?

A good breakfast makes my day. I love to go out for dinner in good company. Brussels is a great city for food lovers, going out for a good meal makes me feel like i’m on a holiday.

Where did you learn to cook?
My mum taught me a lot

Do you use family recipes?
I sometimes do. I call my mother frequently to ask for advice.

If so which one is your sure favorite?

My grandfather knew how to make the best Brussels waffles. My mother is now the keeper of “the secret”

What’s your strong point in cooking?
I like to cook with fresh ingredients, i rarely open a tin can. I like to use fresh herbs and spices. My meals are basic, but tasty.

What’s the next big thing in food according to you?

I like the “bistronomy” hype. Gastronomic food in a brasserie setting. In Brussels you should check out places like “La Buvette”, “Neptune” and “Selecto”

Ok to round things up here are a couple of quick fire questions:

Favourite book?
”De Basis” Filip Verheyden

Which famous person would you like to have dinner with? 
Jamie Lidell

What’s your ‘best’ recipe?
 Tasty oven baked fish with mashed potatoes

Your most important food ingredient you couldn’t live without?
 Black pepper

Best food travel destination?

Best Brussels food place? Friture René, Anderlecht

Best food shop in Brussels? 
Italian supermarket Stival Mercato, Anderlecht

Worst food experience in Brussels? 
I once spotted a cockroach on the wall near my table in Kinepolis village.

Any food addiction?
 Parisian breakfast: croissant with homemade strawberry jam and coffee.

Last thing you cooked? Julienne soup

Thanks Kim for the interview and we’ll tune in to Panache on FM Brussel!

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