Peter Goossens and Ann Van Hoey

All of us will have a set of chunky plain white plates in our dining service past (or present) – sure, they are serviceable, easily replaceable, can be thrown into the dishwasher, and are an anonymous background to any food they carry.  But what happens when you break out of the mould and choose plates and dishes that create a new canvas?

This is exactly what Peter Goossens at the esteemed restaurant, Hof van Cleve, has done.  Goossens asked Belgian ceramicist Ann van Hoey to create a unique dining service that would be an inspiring new canvas for his food.  Ann has created a rhythmic series of delicate circular plates and deep bowls that will be quietly framing the new season’s menu at Hof van Cleve.

If the circle and the egg symbolise creation and perfection, then Ann has referenced these iconic forms in the most subtle and refined manner.  The plates have a delicate pinch that breaks the formal circle; the bowls combine depth and breadth in proportions that suggest a mysterious, hidden element to be discovered.  It is no surprise that Ann has a deep interest in traditional Japanese ceramics and origami.  To create simplicity is surely the height of achievement and the result of a lifetime discerning a singular aesthetic.   Belgian ceramics specialists, Serax, have brought together this collaboration and are producing and distributing the dining service.

Here is a picture of the flat plates unadorned… and we will be bringing you more photos and videos of the “painted canvas” when the set is released in September.

Kathryn Smith

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