September here we come!

September is promising to be a start of a big month, and even the start of a big new year.

We started the blog last year in September from scratch with the hope of getting a small foodie community together. And I guess we’ve certainly realised that dream.

From 0 to nearly 9,500 readers in a year is no small achievement we think, so we want to thank everybody that has been helping, contributing and supporting tastingandliving!

Big news this month is that Eric will be on the radio every week as ‘Foodie in residence’ at FM Brussel.

One of our big fans is Kim Ponsaerts, host of Panache, the fabulous lifestyle program on the radio. She invited us (just a week or so after our launch) to her live show and hey presto, our readership got a great boost. So now FM Brussels has asked us to do a weekly talk in the show to talk about all things foodie that are of interest to our many readers from and around Brussels.
So tune in Thursdays between 12,00 and 14,00 to Panache!

Other news is that Honest Cooking Magazine, a group of 70 food writers/chefs/media people/photographers from all over the world, are publishing a selection of articles on travel from the blog. They love our section on foodie destinations around the world. A cookbook with this team is also  in full preparation.
Latest recruits to the team at is Karel Röell, wine buff and expert taster with easy access to the best bottles and Kathryn and Ike from Ampersand House, a super cool gallery in downtown Brussels. Kathryn has the most elegant of prose and has dedicated her time to a new section we created ‘Tasty Design’. She writes about her view on art and food. Already we had interest from the ‘Food and Travel’ magazine about possibilities in sharing content from her articles. Her natural flair and charm is a major aaset in our team!

We’ve also twittered, facebooked, stumbledupon and various other things you can do on the net to get our message across.
One of our fans now is René Redzepi of Noma. We regularly post short videos from the restaurant or snapshots he likes to take during the long hours he spends sweating in his kitchen. We were greatly honoured when we received the confirmation that he agrees on doing an exclusive interview for Tasting and Living! A scoop for sure!

Check out The Bulletin on the 22nd of September, because there’s an interview with us that you cannot miss.

Other projects we are working on is a book about ‘Hygge‘, a wonderful and un-translatable word that means everything from cosy to warmth. It’ll be a photobook with lots of cosy food, interiors, nature and wonderful light.

We’re also brainstorming about a series of themed dinners where the diner will hosted in a grand house full of art with dishes linked to a various themes, a scent dinner will be certainly be one of them.
More of those things in articles to come!

So far, being called the ‘most influencial foodie blog in Brussels’ has made the most impression, so we hope to keep up the standard and go forward!

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