Worst restaurant in Brussels … so they say

Tripadvisor has millions of followers and tends to take a leading role in reviews of hotels, restaurants, flights etc.

A quick check on the restaurant scene in Brussels, reveals that Le Grand Bi has ‘won’ the worst restaurant review in Brussels. Personally I had never heard of it but it’s the in the ‘famous’ Rue des Bouchers.

Comments are in the order of ‘mauvaise blague, horrible, moules pas cuites’ and ‘worst value for money, don’t enter’!

On a more positive note, the best one according to Tripadvisor readers, is Bouchery, Chaussee d’Alsemberg, 812. Strange because I have also never heard of this one!

I think the problem with Tripadvisor here is that it apparently only take 60 reviews to become nr 1 on the list, so in the end it’s not a very representative list nor rating system in this case.
The strength of the Tripadvisor reviews lies in the volume. So reviews with a relatively high rating need to be double checked by looking at the number of reviews that have processed.