Art & Food in London

Quality south of the river restaurants are rare in London, and most  seem to vie for Michelin stars such as Chez Bruce and Trinity.

N°67 at the South London Art Gallery has been described as a local café but it is far more than that. Neighbouring Camberwell College of Art, this is really an art gallery with a restaurant attached to it. And it is one on its rights! Last night’s killer starter was kohlrabi, pear and pickled gooseberry salad – nice and fresh in these summer nights. The main dishes were all very good as our table chose across the menu. My bavette and fennel cooked in harissa just hit the spot and was cooked perfectly and so was the roast pigeon and polenta. The grilled aubergine and sweet potato salad with rocket salad and pomegranate looked gorgeous. We all had the Caramel and Chocolate Croissant pudding – amazing but I would recommend ordering these in the winter months. I should have gone for the lemon pot that our neighbouring  table was very happy with… Unfortunately the wine list is short but good – their prosecco and rhubarb cordial was very refreshing though!

N°67 also does very good  brunch and lunch with people raving about the cakes. By evening, the different spaces are taken over for dining:  spreading over a lovely outside patio at the front with a huge tree of heaven acting as a parasol,  a well tended garden in the back for more privacy, a room for large parties which also doubles as an exhibition space.

Food and art, well worth venturing ‘Sarf’ of the river for!

South London Gallery
67 Peckham Road

London SE5 8UH
020 7252 7649

Karel Röell