Michele Obama spotted

So even Michelle Obama has now discovered Woodstock, Cape Town!

Apprently she tasted all 5 flavours of the lovely BOS ice tea flavours at the Karen Dudley’s Wonderful Food restaurant just before lunch time today.

“We were having a party,” organic cafe owner says of First Lady’s visit to hot spot in Woodstock arts enclave…
In Cape Town, South Africa today, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped for a forty-minute luncheon at The Kitchen, a tiny gem of an organic cafe located on Sir Lowry Road in Woodstock. Mrs. Obama and her traveling party of about 20 arrived at 12:30 PM local time, and filled the hotspot, which has signature, seasonal salads and sandwiches that attract locals as well as celebrities and international travelers. Copper cake molds and antique teapots adorn the walls, and chalkboards announce menu offerings above one long communal table. (Above: Chef/owner Karen Dudley shows the First Lady and her family her offerings)

The arty enclave of South Africa’s “Mother City,” the ethnically diverse Woodstock is in a reclaimed industrial area that avoided mandatory segregation during the apartheid years. The First Lady, daughters Malia and Sasha, Mrs. Marion Robinson, and niece and nephew Leslie and Avery Robinson stood beside the ordering counter in The Kitchen and listened as chef/owner Karen Dudley described her two-year-old cafe to Mrs. Obama as part of Woodstock’s revitalization, and heralded the focus on artisanal and organic ingredients as the reason for success.

“So, it’s all healthy,” Mrs. Obama said to Dudley, smiling.

Dudley showed the First Lady and her party the superstars of her offerings: Love Sandwiches, made on whole grain rolls with a creamy garlic dressing, and 14 different salads, including spinach and cranberry, Turkish salads with falafel and humus, as well as a selection of aubergine [eggplant] salads.

“I’m sure they will want sandwiches,” Dudley said of the children.

The First Lady’s party instead chose the colorful salads, lemonade, and ice tea.

“It felt like we were having a party,” Dudley afterwards told South African celebrity columnist Clayton Morar. “I felt like I had connected with her and when she heard about the story of The Kitchen and the fact that it’s only two years old, yet so popular in the city, she told how inspired she was by the people she’s met on this trip.”

Mrs. Obama’s group included the US Ambassador and Embassy staff, her security detail, and a White House photographer who was at work snapping photos.

“Everyone was chatty, and Mrs. Obama and her family seemed to enjoy their time here,” Dudley said. “Everyone was in awe of her presence!”

Security was of course tight, with police cordoning off the nearby roads, including a portion of Sir Lowry Road.

“We didn’t chase any of our customers inside the venue away, but no outside clients were unfortunately allowed to come inside during the 40 minutes Mrs. Obama enjoyed a meal here,” Dudley said, adding that Mrs. Obama’s security team visited the restaurant on Thursday morning to “have a look at the venue” and alert the staff to the First Lady’s possible visit to the restaurant.

“We were told to keep things very discreet. We had to prepare to have the venue ready for the First Lady, her family as well as her entourage,” Dudley said.

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Check out more about BOS ice teas (using Cederberg spring water and bio natural rooibos) and Karen Dudley herself: http://karendudley.co.za/who.htm