Feel like a take out / away in Brussels?

Then have a look at the new pizza.be site.

The name is a bit deceiving, because you can order any type of meal for home delivery or take away. From Japanese over breakfasts to Pittas.

We like the site because it’s easy to use, clear and simple, just want you need when feeling like a couch patato for the evening!
Another great thing is that you can order by phone by just clicking on the ‘call now’ button to be in direct contact with the restaurant!
Apparently you just need to fill in your tel nr and the charges will be paid by the pizza.be site so no extra costs. No need for broadband nor skype.

For the moment ther’s about 500 restaurants involved which is pretty good already.

We’ve tried to find some restaurants in Schaarbeek as a test and we were surprised how many were in the system, ready to take your order.

There’s also loads of restaurant reviews available when you click on a choice of restaurant, to be sure your kebab is really the one you should order or not at all.

We will be trying this one out soon!

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