Fried rabbit brain? Yummy!

Do you have to eat rabbit brain?
Once in a while you come across a restaurant menu that contains difficult choices. For me an obvious guide for making my choice is then the ingredients. When you come across unusual combinations and unusually ingredients, go for it. The chance is you will never, ever again get the opportunity to try, for instance, linguine with rabbit brains, beans and pesto.
This is indeed the dish on the menu of restaurant Villa Fiordaliso, a beautiful, small art nouveau villa on the Lago di Garda offering Michelin-star cuisine and Chateau et Relais-level rooms.
Brains are in general an ingredient not much appreciated in general, but hugely enjoyed in countries such as France, Belgium and Morocco. Brains are a fairly fatty food and if the idea of eating brain has not discouraged you, the texture might.
However, as with all intestines it seems reasonable to eat as much as possible of a slaughtered animal, including brain. So for me it is more a question of preparation – and of course ensure that the brain does not carry diseases.
In this case the small brains of the rabbits were lightly coated in a flour coating and deepfried. They were then served on top of a beautiful linguine boiled to perfection served in a pesto based on capers, lemon, beans, and with different kind of beans added to the dish. The combination is divine and it is a fitting celebration of a neglected delight, namely rabbits brains.
Do you have to eat rabbit brains? I guess you do not have to, but with this dish I see no reason for why not enjoy the brains.

Soren Larsen

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