San Pellegrino’s list 2011

and the winner 2011 Best Restaurant of the world is …

NOMA (Nordisk Mad)

Although they weren’t awarded their third Michelin star on March 16, 2011, René Redzepi has made it clear he’s good better and even the best in 2011 again as the n°1 in what many consider the best ranking for restaurants worldwide, it’s the tenth edition this year.

The restaurant is in Christianshavn, an island filled with ancient warehouses just off the centre of Kopenhagen. Noma is in one of the warehouses, rather dark, candelit and directly on the canal. The food is an interesting and new interpretation of the otherwise quite rugged cuisine of the North Atlantic: lots of foraging has gone on to get the best results on your plate: potato chips with red seaweed, fjord shrimps and chicken skins, all dipped in an oyster emulsion and cèpe mayonnaise, sautéed langoustines with oyster and parsley emulsion, rue and seaweed.

Here’s a menu that is currently served:

Sea urchin and dill

Cucumber and cream

Oyster and the ocean

Potatoes and milk skin

Lovage and yoghurt

Pickled vegetables and bone marrow

Beef cheek and pear

Verbena and endive
“Gammel Dansk” and sorrel

Jerusalem artichoke and marjoram

Apple and malt

7 courses DKK 1095,-

If you can’t get a table, you can still buy the T shirt online 🙂 The price is DKK 350,- incl. VAT plus shipment and features Alleu, their dishwasher. The t-shirt is fairtrade certified, made of 100% ecological cotton, and minimum 70% of the energy spent on the production comes from wind energy … just so you know!

Here’s some noteworthy ones:

N° 49: A new entry from Mexico this year: Pujol.

N° 48: a Russian restaurant: Varvary

N°46: Librije from Holland

N°42: Astrid Y Gaston from Peru, Lima

The best female Chef goes to Anne Sophie Pic

N°37: Amber from Hong Kong

N° 36 and Best restaurant in Africa and Middle East = Le Quartier Fraçais, Cape Town!

N° 34 and highest new entry is The Ledbury

N° 24: Eleven Madison park USA second highest entry

N° 20: Highest Climber is Nihonryori Ryugin. Head chef, Seiji Yamamoto told us earlier how he was motivated to keep creating jobs in his kitchen, in spite of the tragedy that has befallen Japan.

N° 17: Oud Sluis Netherlands

N° 15: Hof Van Cleve, Belgium

N° 3: Mugaritz, Spain

N°2: El Celler de San Roca

N°1: NOMA!!!!

4 thoughts on “San Pellegrino’s list 2011

  1. What we had for lunch at Noma last week was absolutely fabulous. I’d happily see them win ‘the titel’ once again. Outsider Le Chateaubriand or El Celler Can Roca might however be topcontenders… Anyway… I’ll try to beat you to the clock 🙂

    1. lucky man!
      we also had lunch there some months ago but apparently the waiters tend to be non danish, and since soren (being a good dane) had lunch there for us, the waiters weren’t able to explain him in any language (and certainly not in danish) what was on the plates correctly. The ingredients are very local and danish so he found a bit peculiar that it couldn’t be explained better.

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