Eating out in Ouagadougou

The are in principle two options for eating out in Ouagadougou. The lively, popular road side cafes and restaurants serving meat grilled over open fires or charcoal, served with plenty of the local beer. Or the kind of restaurants you know from all cities all over the world. Among the more interesting in Ouagadougou is Gondwana – – not least because of the setting and the fact it is also a gallery of african art.
You can eat under the open sky, in air conditioned, but african houses, or in a Touareg tent.
The food is what I would call african-french: frog legs, andouillette, confit de canard but also local products like the Capitaine fish, aloco (plaintain), couscous, tagada (strawberries). The preparations are fresh and inviting, served the European way, the service friendly and relaxed and the setting makes you relax from the moment you leave the dusty street outside and you enter the cool and leafy garden. A must for anyone visiting Ouagadougou and want to experience the mix of Burkina Faso and France.
I had the Capitaine with a side dish of fried aloco, and Red Light for dessert: strawberry ice cream with strawberry vodka!

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