Van Dender Patisserie third in World Championships

The results of the twelfth World Championships of Patisserie are out!

Brussels should be proud to have won the bronze medal, with Herman Van Dender representing Belgium this year. So everyone should really go and check out the delicious cakes in Schaarbeek. The championships consist of creating and producing a ‘sugar piece’, a chocolat dessert and an ice sculpture.

Herman laid the academic foundations for his trade as a patissier/chocolatier in Antwerp, and apprenticeships in Switzerland, France and Japan refined his skills.
Herman Van Dender also performed excellently at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in Lyon.  He added a gold medal to his list of honours in 1995, a silver one in 1999 and the bronze medal in 2003.We have been tasting his chocolate for quite some time and even though the prices are much lower than other big brands, his chocolats rate very highly on the choc-scales in Belgium believe me.


If you want to buy something on a sunday there, then I suggest you hurry because they sell out by 15;.00

Van Dender

Chaussée de Louvain 416

B-1030 Schaarbeek

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