Le Fou est Belge in Heure-en-Famenne, tasty!

Close to Ciney is the one-star restaurant Le Fou est Belge. This is classical Belgian cuisine when it’s best. If you are more for the experimental cooking where you have no idea what you are eating – this is not a place for you.

The chef Daniel Van Lint is a master in twisting the best out of classics like croquette des crevettes, boudin noir or pain perdu. Every flavor stays on the tongue for a very long time. I guess one secret is the high quality of the products used in the kitchen.  When you combine this with one of the most impressive and long wine lists of mainly French Bourgogne wines, even the non-stop autumn rain can’t ruin the very warm experience dining at the Le Fou est Belge is.  Only minus, that November Saturday night, was that the restaurant was understaffed. Otherwise it’s a cosy place with a very warm atmosphere.

We opted for their autumn menu with four courses and wine included at 88€.

With the aperitif, they served some snails and a little portion of scampi frit with chanterelle and grilled tomato. Just simple but good quality. First starter was a cold salmon lasagna. Very delicate with a freshness of the Scottish lightly smoked salmon. And then came the croquette des crevettes grises. The taste of the North Sea so intense that you forget that in fact you are in the Ardennes. Cooked perfectly. Croquante and the filling running when you cut it.
As the main course we had the Selle de Chevreuil. This was again quality at its best. Served with pears, berries and an intense game sauce. Only minus was the size of the portion – a little bit more meat would have been nice. As dessert we had the pain perdu. Not heavy at all and served with some fried apples and vanilla ice cream. Although they have an impressive wine card, our wine menu of two whites and one red did not bring any surprises. Possibly it would have been better to choose yourself from the wine card, which also included several half bottles.

Check the menu at http://www.lefouestbelge.be

Dorte and Marc

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