La Quincaillerie at Fashion Food


Tastingandliving will be interviewing some restaurants that are participating at Fashion Food (, Thursday 2 and Friday 3/12). This is the first interview with Madeleine Deryhon from La Quincaillerie!

1. Is this the first time you participate at Fashion Food?
We have participated at the first two editions of Fashion Food and we will be present again at this year’s edition. The Fashion food visitors profile is quite diversified and meets our expectations when it comes to networking. It’s a great place to meet new people and chat up with our clients.

2. Do you follow blogs or work with social media for your business?
There is somebody in charge for the website updates. Furthermore we do follow social media such as blogs and facebook pages. It seems more and more important for restaurants to be present on social media. As we all know, customers share their experiences more and more through the Internet.

3. How do you create your dishes? Where does the inspiration com from?
I work together with my chef. Whenever I have a new idea for a dish I discuss it with the chef. Inspiration comes most of the time from the seasons. Asides from that we have a joint bio-farm in France with ‘Het Pakhuis’ in Ghent and ‘Dock’s’ in Antwerp. On this farm we breed Bresse-chickens, sheep and small pigs. All these products allow us to create wonderful dishes.

4. According to you, what’s the latest trend in the kitchen?
I see an enormous trend towards the natural aspect of food. People want to know what they eat; they want to know the origin of the product and the way it’s prepared. Respecting the seasons is one aspect of this.

5. Has your menu family inspired dishes?
Not really but we do have some traditional Belgian dishes like ‘chicon gratin’ which we modernize in taste and look!

Finally some ‘quick fire’ questions:

Favorite ingredient: Madeleine hesitated if this was a ‘good’ answer to this question but I definitely agree with the best ingredient being … a good mood!

Favorite restaurant in Brussels (aside from yours): the recently opened Bab Dar in Chaussée de Charleroi, from the same owner as Kif Kif Café.

Favorite type of cuisine: French-Italian

The essential tool in your kitchen: a good knife

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