Paleo Rosso, ‘stupenda!’ veramente

Paleo Rosso is an IGT wine from Tuscany, more specifically from Bolgheri, not far from my hometown.

It is produced by Le Macchiole and it is 100% Cabernet Franc.
I tasted it for the first time in spring 2007, at the legendary (today unfortunately closed down) “Gambero Rosso” in San Vincenzo (not far from Bolgheri), following a suggestion by superchef Fulvio Pierangelini. His creations that evening couldn’t have had a better partner.

The colour was very promising: ruby red, deep but shiny.
At least as promising was the nose: intense aromas of black and red berries and even rose, hints of pepper, tobacco, nutmeg and licorice.
And the taste  was even better: very complex, concentrated, rich and lush. A caressing blend of ripe berries, cassis and cherry, licorice and cocoa, with a spicy touch. Elegantly mineral, delicately oaky, deliciously spicy. That is, perfectly balanced.  Round and velvety tannins,  long  and silky finish. So long that I can still remember it 🙂
Of course we fell in love (with the Paleo) and chose it again a few months later for our wedding dinner, again at “Gambero Rosso”, again prepared by Fulvio Pierangelini.
Extraordinary Fulvio.

Has anybody tried this wine? Let me know if you agree!


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